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Meet & Greet Consults:

Meet your trainer before fully committing to a training program! If a program is booked on the same day as your meet and greet, the fee is subtracted from your program cost!

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One Week Bootcamp:

Our One Week Bootcamp is perfect for your new pup or adolescent dog that just needs some basic manners! Students stay with their trainer in their home and learn 5 commands and manners:

Come, Sit, Place, Door Manners and Loose Leash Heel!

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Behavior Modification:

3-4 Week on average board and train program in trainers' home. This program is customizable to best fit each individual dogs' needs. Designed for dogs struggling with aggression, anxiety and/or reactivity. Please call/email for more information!

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Two Week Bootcamp:

Biggest Bang for your Buck!

Our 2 Week Bootcamp is definitely a fan favorite. All off leash guaranteed obedience on 8 commands.

Come, Sit, Place (duration), Down (duration, Heel, Off, Leave it and Break!

Perfect for friendly pets ages 6 months and older!

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Basic Obedience Lessons:

4 weeks of private, 1:1 lessons so your pup is always the main focus! 

We review: Come, Sit, Place, Down, Heel, Off, Leave it and Break. Great for an owner who has time to do all the home work!

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Advanced Obedience Lessons:

Following basic obedience lessons or a one week board and train, our advanced lessons takes your pup out to public, pet friendly environments to begin proofing their training around distractions while also adding in commands: Touch, Middle and Under.

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Advanced OB Bootcamp:

Our 3 Week Board and Train Program! Friendly dogs 6+ months in age, off leash obedience, guaranteed for life! Dogs stay with their trainers in their homes and learn 11 Commands!: Come, Sit, Place (duration), Down (duration), Heel, Off, Leave it, Break, Touch, Middle and Under!

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Successful Puppy Lessons:

Let's get your baby started off on the right paw! For puppies 8+ weeks of age,

Our trainers help set you and puppy up for success with potty training, crate training, luring with food for basic obedience and more!

This program includes 3 lessons over a 3 week timeframe!

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