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K9 Training Experience

Marble Surface

About Us!

Tiger's Eye K9 Services, LLC is founded on over 15 years of combined training experience. Our trainers are passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of not only the dogs we train and care for but also for their families. 

As Balanced Dog Trainers, we are fully understanding that every dog is different! One training method is not going to work for all dogs or their owners. We pride ourselves on being versatile in our training methods and focus on training every dog trusted to us with kindness, compassion and understanding.

Marble Surface

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Marble Surface

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

"i am convinced jenna is the queen of dog training. it is truly a GIFT what she can do to train dogs and their owners. she was very professional, kind and patient. I tried several trainers to get my Lucy under control and no one got through to her.. sad to think i almost gave up hope, THANK YOU for saving my lucy bell!"

"Great Service"

My dog is 105 lbs of pure muscle XL Bully. he was so hard to take for walks we eventually stopped taking him places but i knew deep down that wasn't fair to bruno. it was a big investment, but I'm so glad i made the jump. great service from the first phone call to the end of training. i truly believe this experience has improved my dogs quality of life. Thank you Giacomo! 

"Kind & Loving"

my goldendoodles coco and stella were very naughty. they ripped everything up and ran too far when we would go on walks on trails. i recommend this training to my friends and coworkers who want their dogs to be safe!! my fur babies mean the world to me, and it was so hard to see them go for 2 whole weeks but i could not be more grateful. giacomo was very kind and loving to my girls. we are off leash all the time now and they listen! this would have never happened before this training!!

Daria Cowan

Tom Rankin

Eva Kendall

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